On this page, you will find all the information required to teach your test lesson. The test lesson is necessary to assess your teaching skills and your technical setup. For the test lesson, we usually ask the help of a member of our staff or a regular student. The student you call will be aware that you are giving your first lesson through the Zamenhof Network.

Make sure you watch the video at the end of this page.

1- Confirmation

From the email we sent you (with the subject line: Job offer Test Lesson Confirmation required), review the time and date of the test lesson.

If the time is suitable for you, click on the link “Click on this link to confirm that the time and date of the test lesson are convenient for you.“

If you would like to change the time of the lesson, click on the link “Click on this link to let us know your available days and times.“

If you don’t click on the link, your test student will not expect your call.

2- Your teacher panel

Log in to your teacher panel using the credentials we provided in the email.

Click on the “Main Setup” icon and make sure your time zone is set properly. For the test lesson, you don’t need to understand every function of the teacher panel.

Click here to learn the basics of the teacher panel.

Click here to log in your Teacher Panel.

3- Seven tasks:

There are seven tasks that need to be completed for a test lesson to be successful. The tasks must be completed before, during and after the test lesson. To help you visualize which tasks should be completed, the uncompleted cells will be highlighted in yellow color.

- Before -

Task 1: Send the welcome template email

  • You need to send the welcome template email to notify the student that you will contact him/her at the time scheduled.
    You don’t need to write an email but just send a template which is already adapted to the situation.
    • Click on the letter icon
    • Click on the link “Click here to send the template…”
    • Click the green button “Send solve”.

Task 2: Assign the content for the lesson

  • The “content” is what you will talk about during the lesson. It might be already preassigned or you might have to assign it. Check the “unit” column, if it is yellow and written “add”, you have to assign the content:
    • click on the “add” link
    • click any of the links to view the list of lessons
    • click on the lesson that seems interesting for you (you can view the lesson by clicking on the “view” button).

- During -

Task 3: Call the student on time

  • It is strongly recommended to make a test call before the lesson to make sure your equipment is working and is synchronized with our program.
    • Click on the link from last column on the right side.
    • The “call_box” window will open. Click on the green “Call” button. If the student don’t answer, click on any of the grey call button.
    • Once the student picks the phone, present yourself and get started. You can use the “ice breaker” as way to smooth the first contact.

Task 4: Take notes during the lesson

  • (important) ask questions in relation with the content! The student will have access to the assigned contact from the student panel and will probably prepare for the lesson. He/she is expecting you to ask relevant questions in relation with the assigned content. ** When the student is saying something wrong, write the mistake in the “mistake box” and your correction in the “teachers’ correction” box. Feel free to use all the other boxes to assign notes according to their respective categories. Click here to view an example

- After -

Task 5: Assign the student a homework

  • be attentive to the most prominent mistake the student did during the test lesson.
  • Find in our homework database a homework according to that mistake.
  • Consult the homework database to view the available homework.
  • Write a summary of the lesson at the bottom of the call_box notes section.

Task 6: Send/post the course notes

  • Simply click the “Send” button.

Task 7: Report the attendance

  • If the lesson was completed, click the “yes” link in the “attendance” column. Note that this link will appear only after the lesson.
  • If the student didn’t show up, click on the “no” link and fill the report.

What we are looking for:

  • Preparation
    We are trying to see if you reviewed the content of the lesson before the live lesson. We need to make sure that you are able to work with different content and your live lessons are constructed accordingly.
  • Punctuality The time that you call will be carefully monitored. Punctuality is an indispensable trait (for the test lesson, the time that you hangup is not important).
  • Professionalism
    You should be able to correct the student’s mistakes and explain the correct grammar rules. You should be able to keep a flow of conversation and avoid long silences. Your lessons should not improvised; you should follow a teaching line that the student can understand.
  • Systematic
    We will carefully analyze your class notes. The class notes are extremely important for the student and the quality of the corrections is taken in consideration. We will also verify if the assigned homework is relevant and based on the student’s most prominent mistakes.
  • Technical requirements
    The sound quality will be analyzed (the lesson will be recorded). Make sure that your setup is correct and that you did a test call before the lesson.

    The test lesson is expected to be between 10 and 20 minutes.

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