Sell 1-on-1 language lessons online or over the phone!

Available for online as of brick and mortar language school

  • For Online Language Schools

    For Online Language Schools

    Maximize administration effort; use our software and outsource your staff.

  • For brick-and-mortar Schools

    For brick-and-mortar Schools

    Offer one-on-one lessons, online or over the phone, as a supplement to your existing program.

  • For a New Project

    For a New Project

    Within days, you will have the same number of options as the major online language schools.


Enlist your school in the Zamenhof network.

If you manage an online school, you know how difficult it is to manage a team of online teachers and make sure that they are delivering the service you promise to your students. By joining the Zamenhof network, you will not have to take care of the following hassles:

  • searching for, recruiting, training, paying, and monitoring new teachers
  • assuring that the service provided by the teachers matches to the service you promise to your students
  • searching for or creating content for the language lessons
  • spending money on IT

Zamenhof’s promise is that a single administrator can handle up to 500 students. The only way this can be achieved is by sharing resources with other language institutions.


Add an up-sale to your current service:

Extra 1-on-1 speaking practice with a native-speaking teacher.

The #1 desire of a student participating in a language group class in a traditional format is to have extra speaking practice. It is the perfect up-sale to your existing business model. By joining the Zamenhof network, you can:

  • be up and running with an online version of your service within a week
  • keep your brand identity and present the system as if it were your own. (Your students will never know about the Zamenhof network.)
  • avoid hiring extra staff to manage this new venture, because a single administrator can handle up to 500 online students!

Note that it is possible to include your current teachers in the system as well as to use the service of the teachers from the Zamenhof network.

The model of the Zamenhof network is to share the most difficult-to-manage resources among academic institutions.


Reach profitability in record time

by delegating the most difficult responsibilities of this business.

A great deal of your energy will be needed to promote this new venture. By joining the Zamenhof network, you can take many responsibilities off your shoulders, such as:

  • creating a functional business structure
  • dealing with multiple service providers (Zamenhof’s invoices will be your sole, all-in-one invoice for this entire project.)
  • searching for, recruiting, training, paying, and monitoring teachers
  • building the curriculum for your students
  • creating online access for your students to improve their academic experience Your only focus will be to promote your own brand and provide customer support for your new students.

Shared Resources

The idea behind the Zamenhof network is to share the most costly and difficult-to-manage resources with academic institutions around the world.

The Teachers

Zamenhof´s teachers will present themselves to your students as employees of your school. Click here to watch a video about how the Zamenhof structure is presented to the new teachers.

Course Content

Get access to Zamenhof´s language lessons library. This resource will allow you to offer a huge number of different courses.


Sharing a team of evaluators allows you to offer 24/7 live evaluation service to the visitors on your website.


Zamenhof´s most powerful tool allows you to assign a single administrator for every 500 students. Click on the live demo link to test the software.
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